3 comments on “Gaybollah-002-Bouncing Off the Satellites

  1. omfg, that was hilarious as hell. esp the camel license part n’ sam’s reporting of aj’s penis flight episode to top it all off at the end. newayz, this is uchenna listening on to yallz live from seattle aka seaturds, as aj might put it..(n’ yes i am nigerian n’ yes, im sorry sam that ur gettin stupid scam emails from the nigerians, n’ yes they’re givin us nigerians here in the states a bad name)…

    but yeah, fuck all them bs religion bull crap…gaybolla is where its at!! lolz.. sh8 count me in.. n’ think of me as ur corresponding representative here in the seaturds. nehoos, i can’t wait for the next cuppatea bubble cast n’ gay bolla..u guys keep on keepin it up n’ plzzzzz do not run out of podcrack,,,yaheeeeeerd..lolz

  2. uchenna,
    honey…glad you enjoy the shows ..esp the Gaybollah! Honey you can be our correspondent in the Seaturds!
    We will call upon the members of Gaybollah to move our agenda forward…lol…
    Kisses…thanks for listening….

  3. totally! gaybollah is going to have its very own corrospondants in each country and each city! good to hear ya enjoying the show uchenna, we do it for you guys, and our pleasure as well lol.



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