2 comments on “QSP#100: Queercastique

  1. Omg! Great show guys!

    Nick!!!!!!!! So great to hear from you again. Send me a friend request on Facebook to Garrett Myers.

    Wow! Talk about blasting to the past. It was so great to listen to a Queercast again!

    The old Mac Mini! I can’t believe you still have that. What happened? AJ’s recollection was correct. Also AJ …you and Nick were doing like 200 podcasts per week. Burn out! There was never any hope for money in Podcasting.

    I miss Dawn and Drew. And I wanted Drew bad.

    I remember listening to the first 10 episodes of Lucky Bitch Radio with Miss Wisdom. First few episodes consisted of Wanda going to work with a crappy microphone. It was almost unintelligible.

    Antione Dodson. As I said before, Seriously, Antione? Your “heterosexual conversion” is as comical as your rise to “fame”.

    It is amazing to see Societal shift in opinion regarding gay acceptance. I never thought I would see Marriage Equality in my Lifetime.

    AJ. Seriously. You have been threatening to leave Apple for years now. LOL!!!!!!

    41 Megapixels. How many “football field” sized pics do you need?

  2. mesh…

    i work at a hospital going through patient’s charts all day, and every time i see pictures of people’s insides with mesh in them, i think of y’all 😉

    great show. had never heard this nick guy before – the crazy drunk. LOL
    hope to hear him on again soon

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